About us

By creating Cormorant Group SAS, Raymond H. A. Carter intends to set up an original, specialized and multi-sectorial pool of national and international competences. By his experiment over the five continents and by his own personal expertise, he wants to federate the best experts and specialists at a national and international level, met during his multiple missions, investigations and various interventions.

“In order to prevent and manage as much as possible any risk and threat, audits and expertise are performed for a better people and properties protection, as well as training/formation in order to be able to face any circumstance”, are Cormorant group’s strategy key words.

By a measured, adapted and personalized contribution, Cormorant puts for the customer’s service (public structures or private companies) high-quality human and technical resources, in order to help and support the development of their projects at the national or international level, with the maximum security for their personnels, activities and structures (Buildings, etc.).

Raymond H.A. Carter selected each member of Cormorant-group for his/her recognized operational ‘know-how’ and his/her experiment, professionalism, integrity, and capacity to teach and train. All of our members are carrying the company value.